For those who can’t think of how to begin a prayer for peace, you can try the following non-denominational visualization.  Feel free to adapt it to your beliefs as you see fit.  Best of all is to do this sitting, completely still, breathing deeply and slowly, 100% focused, with eyes closed.  Try to give it your undivided attention for no less than 15 minutes:

Focus on a golden light from above

Descending into your body

Filling you with light and warmth.

Let your heart well up with love

Until you feel the heat

Glowing like a dynamo,

Shining out like a supernova.

Picture energy radiating forth from your heart

In an expanding circle of light.

Let your light grow to encompass the room,

Your house,

The entire neighborhood,

And the entire city.

Let love permeate the spirits of all who live in Seattle.

Let all people’s hearts be calm, patient, and peaceful.

Let everyone act out of wisdom, consideration, and compassion.

Let no harm be done by anyone, to anyone.

Let all interactions be harmonious.

Let us treat everyone as we would like to be treated.