I have lived in Seattle for nine years, and love the Northwest.  I want to give something back now, and help Seattle become an even more amazing place.  I think we Seattleites shouldn’t just be proud of our football team, and our ability to have the noisiest stadium in the NFL; we should take pride in our ability to fill our city with harmonious energy.  Just as we think it makes a difference if we all wear the number 12 to be the “twelfth man” on the Seahawks, we should all feel a personal link between our thoughts and the vibration of our city.  When you walk into a new place, sometimes you can just tell by the energy of the place whether it promotes concord or discord, love or hate, peace or conflict.  I sincerely believe that if enough people pray and meditate for peace and harmony in the city of Seattle, it will be reflected in people’s thoughts and actions.  That’s what this project is setting out to prove.

Won’t you join me?