This week I visited temples, mosques, gurudwaras, and churches.  We have new supporters on board with the project, and the web site is being translated into five new languages.  And I am doing all this while fasting.  Today is day number 26.  I have never fasted this long, and it is becoming very difficult, but I am hoping to keep going for just a few more days.

On Sunday the ninth Rev. Joanne Carlson Brown was kind enough to invite me to speak at Tibbetts United Methodist Church.  I signed up a number of people for the peace project, and we had enough T-shirt orders to make more of them.  Afterwards, I went to the Seattle Unity Church picnic in Denny Park and we prayed and meditated for city-wide peace together.  It was a great time: I only wish more people would join in.

I continue doing all I can to all I can for the project.  This involves going pretty much everywhere in Seattle, meeting everyone on their own terms, and doing whatever it takes to satisfy them that the project is something worthwhile.  I need to enter into each cultural and religious milieu and conform with their traditions and expectations.  I imagine my adventures to be like those of Monkey in Journey to the West.  In every chapter, Monkey faces some new challenge that he cannot overcome with his powers alone, and he needs to find allies, use skillful means, and never give up.  Like Monkey, I hope to cross the mountains and attain the treasure I seek.  In this case, that means a reduction in crime that we bring about ourselves by creating a power-field of positive energy.  Please join us!








This past week I contacted as many local places as I could, and made a number of personal visits.  I was in mid-fast (days 10-17), so energy is not what it could be, but I am trying not to let it slow me down too much.  It was my first week of summer break.  On Friday, I made the rounds of churches and temples near where I live.  A number are thinking about joining the project; more news soon, I hope.  On Friday night, I was invited to my first-ever Muslim worship service at the Iman Center in Kirkland.  It was nice to sit on Persian carpets – elegant, yet informal.  After the service, everyone shook hands, reminding us that all men are brothers.  I was made to feel most welcome. Thank you to Jawad Khaki, director of the center.  Unfortunately, I had o decline the desserts afterward because I am fasting.  On Saturday, I visited the big gurudwara in Renton and met the new secretary of the board, Mr. Avtar Singh.  Once again, I was welcomed with open arms, and once again, I had to apologize (and cry inside) because I could not accept the offer of food.  On Saturday, I visited the Interfaith Community Sanctuary in Ballard, and spoke to the congregation about the peace project.  My thanks to Jamal Rahman for his heartfelt support.  The people there were wonderful.  And once again, it pained me more than you can know to have to refuse more delicious food.  Actually, it isn’t as hard as it seems.  Suffering is all in your mind.  I am grateful for the opportunity to prove the value of fasting to the world.

When I looked at the numbers of people who actually logged in their times of prayer and meditation for peace in June, I was disappointed to see that only a handful of people are actually doing it so far.  Well, it is only the first month, and I remain hopeful that the number will rise exponentially in short order.  Also, while I have definitely made errors along the way, I can honestly say I am doing my level best.  I cn ultimately only be responsible for myself, and if this project is to be successful, it is up to the people of Seattle (and beyond) to find the fire in themselves to get involved.  I am just the catalyst.  When I look at where I was last year at Thanksgiving, when the project was only an idea I had not shared with anyone, and compare that to the state of things today, there has been an amazing change.  While I have not yet proven anything, the project has gone from dream to reality.  The foundations are laid, the software is ready, and hundreds of people know about the project.  I have met scores of amazing friends on the path of peace.  I don’t know how much involvement I can get between now and the end of September, but I will keep giving it my all.  Won’t you join me?

Just ten minutes a day adds up to five hours of prayer/meditation/blessing a month.  Anyone can spare ten minutes.  How much time do you spend each day with social media?