This weekend was my first of summer break.  I have been fasting since the 16th of June, and on Sunday had reached day ten.  I wore myself out by working for the previous week during the fast, and am paying for it now with extremely low energy.  I have vowed to fast at least 22 days this time around – all part of the blood detox experiment described in the web site.

On Saturday 6/26, I attended Rabbi Ted Falcon’s gathering at Unity Church in Lynnwood.  It was great to meet him, and I learned quite a few things from his service.

On Sunday 6/25, I was invited to by Rev. Joyce to address her congregation at Fairwood Community United Methodist Church.  Thankfully, it is close to my home.  The service was great and the people were tremendously friendly.  I was allowed to address the congregation for a few minutes, and, despite being slightly challenged with the microphone, I think I did a fair job of getting the message across.  Many people thanked me for what I was doing, and some seventeen signed up as supporters, and to receive the newsletter.

Now my challenge is to overcome the lack of energy I feel on this fast and continue to make full use of my time to promote the Seattle Peace Project.  Seattle is a big place, and there is only one of me.  If you are reading this, and you believe in the power of prayer and meditation, please lend a hand.  Up to now, Rabbi Falcon is the only person who has come to me because of the efforts of someone besides myself.  So far, not one church or temple has supported the project because someone other than myself had contacted them.  If everyone who hears this message can just approach a few religious groups face-to-face and ask them to participate, this project will achieve critical mass very soon.

Don’t let the summer slip away!