The Android app is up and functioning, and I am able to view the record of those who participate in meditation or prayer.  We also have downloadable, printable fliers available on the web site.  After sending some 300 letters to local churches, it seems clear that no one responds to letters any better than to e-mails.  Face-to-face communication, or phone calls seem to be the only way to reach people about a project like this.  It is slow going, but now that the app is working, there is something to actually demonstrate!  I have hesitated till now to begin the newsletter and Twitter campaign.  Now these can begin, as well as the flier campaign, and soon a YouTube channel.  Now is the time for all who believe in this project to please pitch in and help!  The summer will be a memory before you know it.  Let’s do something that we can speak of with pride in the future: something that will really make a difference.  Let’s begin the spiritual revolution that will usher in the New Age of Peace.

I have been busy this month, yet only added one new group to the honor roll.  I have been preoccupied with Mother’s Day, and with my own birthday (I just turned 49 – seven times seven – the number of years the Buddha is said to have taught).  I have been in the doldrums as I awaited the appearance of the app, and then its full functionality.  This Sunday, I attended services at Seattle Unity, and Rev. Karen made the sermon based entirely around the Seattle Peace Project.  Thanks again, Karen.  Many in the congregation thanked me for what I am doing.  Actually, thank all of you who are going to make this dream a reality by participating!  Now I feel like a spring that has been coiled for years, waiting for all its potential energy to be released.  I recently heard the song “White Flag” by the group called Joseph, and it has a great “never surrender” theme that resonates with me right now.  Whatever happens, there is no turning back, no giving up.

We must make this project the golden thread that binds together the believers of all the world’s disparate religions, emphasizing our common quest for peace and harmony.  Our leaders obviously do not know how to achieve this, but if we the people all work together, world peace and the brotherhood of man is within our grasp – right here, right now.



Now it is May, and I am starting to feel the pressure.  I am trying to trust that if I do all I can, things will work out as they were “meant to” and the project will succeed.  I am trying to use my mind, but not overuse logic, relying instead on intuition and messages from above.  The artwork for the flier was taking too long from my previous source, and while I’m sure it will arrive eventually and look wonderful, I need to start putting fliers out there for the community right now.  I commissioned three fliers from a local artist, and here is a sample of the work in progress!

This week I added Kent Islamic Center to our honor roll of participating groups.  While I feel the strong urge to get out there and run door to door, meeting religious leaders face to face, to do this effectively, I would need to transform into Monkey from Journey to the West, and make 10,000 copies of myself.  Since I do not have this power just yet, I am putting my energies into writing letters this week.  I don’t know how effective this will be, but I know people have an enormous capacity for saying – after a project is over – that they would have gotten involved if only they had been invited.  This way, those who receive a letter can’t say they weren’t invited.  Unfortunately, people also have an enormous capacity for deleting e-mails, ignoring letters, and not returning calls.  Institutional thinking creeps in, and ordinary people don’t want to get involved in anything they can avoid getting involved in.  But these are extraordinary times – and we need extraordinary leaders!

Anyone can be a leader in this effort.  All you need to do is share it with everyone you can, and definitely tell your religious leader (if you have one).  See the Seattle Peace Project page for ideas how to help.  Like us on Facebook, share with your friends.  If you have any time and feel like making history, contact me saying you want to volunteer.  There is plenty to do.  The fliers will be available as PDFs soon, and you can help print and post them all over town.