Today was Easter Sunday.  Rev. Karen had invited me to set up a table at Unity Church in Seattle, and I arrived in time for the morning prayer at 9:30.  The service was emotional, fun, and exhilarating.  The music was great as always, and we did a lot of singing and moving with the choir.  The message of spiritual rebirth was very close to my heart, as this is what I am trying to do on this mission to bring Seattle together in prayer and meditation.  I feel reborn right now in general, and especially so after the service at Unity.  Afterwards, I manned the table for a couple of hours, and spoke to as many people as I could.  A number of folks signed up for e-mail updates, and others even volunteered to help.


Later, I went by A Seattle Church to spread the word about the project.  I got there after the music was over, but it looks like they have a pretty awesome band as well.  After lunch, I went to Gold Summit Monastery to see if anyone would be interested in the project.  This is the Dharma Realm group, with whom I had connections in California, at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.  My ability to speak Chinese came in very handy, and I joined the group in mid-chant.  I spoke at length with the very kind nuns there about the Seattle Peace Project, and they invited me to a retreat in May.  I would love to go, but there is just so much I need to do here to clear the way for the peace project’s success, I don’t think I can make it this year.  I went to Diamond Way in the evening, and got home 13 hours after leaving.  That’s a full working day, lad!


I was back at Unity Church of Seattle at Rev. Karen’s invitation today.  The sermon was moving, inspiring, and had plenty of rocking good music.  I could closely relate to the resurrection message this week.  I feel I am reborn as I do this project, seeing this mission through to success, and along the way meeting amazing people I would not otherwise have met and having unique experiences I would not otherwise have had.   The good folks at Unity gave me a table to share information about the Seattle Peace Project.  I had business cards to pass out, but as yet no app to download.  We are ready with the android version, and just waiting for Google’s approval before we can install it on the website.  Many people stopped by my table, some signed up for e-mail updates, and a few even volunteered to help me spread the word.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

In the afternoon, I stopped by A Seattle Church to tell the righteous and most rocking band (the only folks left in the pews) about the project, then went to Gold Summit Monastery near Seattle Center.  From English-language Easter services, I went to Chan Buddhist services in Mandarin Chinese.  Luckily I could speak the language.  It felt just like being back in Taiwan.  I was always a bit behind in the chanting, but could understand 99% of it.  The nuns in charge spoke to me at length about the peace project, and were very friendly.  They invited me to a retreat at the end of May, but I will have to weigh things carefully, as that will be the last weekend before the project officially kicks off.  In the evening I was back at Diamond Way.  That’s a full working day, lad!