This last week I received part of the lab results from the January 2017 blood drawing.  To make a long story short, the amount of 4, 4′ – DDE (the primary breakdown particle of DDT) in the blood lipids decreased by 20% since the May 2015 sample!  This is proof that my fasting-based detox program works to reduce at least one of the major toxic chemicals in our blood.  With the lessons learned from this experiment, I plan to fast again in June-July of 2017.  Holistic Health Research is asking for donations to help fund continuing blood tests.  With enough money, we can do more extensive before and after tests.  Think about it: if you could reduce your blood toxins 20% from baseline every two years with these methods, at the end of ten years, a person cold have less than a tenth of their original toxic load.  The associated reductions in cancer and developmental problems could be immense.  Please help us discover what works, for everyone’s sake.



This week brought some big changes.  I received word from the IRS that Holistic Health Research is now a charity, and can take tax-deductible donations.  I will soon have a way for this to be done online.  The app to allow people to register their times of prayer and meditation is about done, and will soon be available for free download.

This week, the Seattle Peace Project gained the participation of Ananda Washington, as well as Seattle Choeizan Enkyoji Nichiren Buddhist Temple in Chinatown. The project also gained the endorsement of NICO: Northwest Interfaith Community Outreach (a division of Call of Compassion).  Several groups are interested in participating, but need to see the functioning app before they commit.  Others are still dragging their feet . . .

I spent the entire day today out and about.  I finally managed to attend the service at Tibbetts United Methodist Church in West Seattle and meet Rev. Brown, who has the distinction of being the only one to instantly respond favorably to the 200 plus e-mails  I sent to church leaders in the Seattle area in early February.  I enjoyed the warm hospitality of Rev. Brown and her congregation, and we chatted over soup at their St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  They are very interested to help with the project, and I appreciate their positive energy more than I can say.  I also made it to Master Cedarman’s temple in Seattle’s Chinatown.  He made me feel right at home and agreed to help in any way he could with the project.  Some leaders like he and Rev. Brown have qualities of – um- leadership – that seem to be so lacking in the world today.  I wish there were more like them!