We would all like to live in a more perfect world: close to nature, safe from harm, and free of pollution. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by dangers in the modern world. For one thing, the environment is so polluted that our bodies now contain hundreds of cancer-causing chemicals. In addition, we face the risk of violent attack in our less-than-perfect society.  For those who wish to seek out new ways of protecting ourselves through positive, preventive actions, there are many holistic methods at our disposal. From using a fasting-based detox regimen to testing the ability of prayer and meditation to reduce violent crime, Holistic Health Research does the necessary, life-changing experiments no one else dares attempt. We bring the scientific method to bear on holistic practices, and rely on empirical data to discover the truth. If we pool our resources, we can learn how to best protect ourselves and our loved ones. With this knowledge, we can get closer to the perfection we all dream of: a natural, healthy, peaceful life.

2019 prayer and intention experiment to reduce violent crime in Seattle.

Ongoing experiment to rid the blood of PCBs and pesticides

Plans for future experiments