This is an at-cost service on which the nonprofit Holistic Health Research makes no money. In order to get a discount on custom-made T-shirts, I am taking bulk orders and passing them on to Custom-Pressed Tees in Renton. To make an order, send me a check (I would use Paypal, except that if I had to return funds, the company deducts a portion of the money with every transaction). Specify on the order form if you want small, medium, large, or extra large (cost is increases for sizes larger than XL – see order form for details), what color you want, and where you intend to pick up your shirt from me. I can deliver your shirt to any of the participating religious organizations on the list, see you at one of my Meetups, or rendezvous with you at a branch of the King County Library.  If you are outside this zone, I will not be delivering that far, and I will not be mailing anything.  If there are not enough orders for a discount, I will not cash your check. Right now I am just making shirts with the pink rose/heart/staff of Caduceus motif. The other pictures could be made into shirts if there were enough requests, or you can take the image from the web site yourself and make a group order at your own local T-shirt shop. Be my guest: the image is out there for all to use freely. Please, make a wall mural out of it, put in on your car, go crazy!

And please send me an e-mail () to let me know you have sent the check and order form so that I can be looking for it in my post office box.

Thanks for supporting the Seattle Peace Project! The lives we save may be our own. Please wear the shirt often and when people ask about it, refer them to the website! You can always print some fliers and have them handy for people who want them.