If you are interested to make history with our ground-breaking experiments, you can do it in a number of ways.


In order to assist with the Seattle Peace Project, there are many things you can do to get involved, and it would only require a little effort on your part to make a big difference:

  1. Share the idea with all your friends.
  2. Volunteer to help plan and organize.
  3. Promote the idea on social media – like us on Facebook, sign up for the newsletter (below), join our Meetup group, follow us on Twitter, and please let others know about it.
  4. Print and post fliers (ask at local businesses, coffee places, markets, on community bulletin boards, restaurants, libraries, parks, etc.) – available for download below.
  5. Visit religious leaders in your neighborhood and ask them in person if they would be willing to participate.  If you belong to a religious group, please spread the word with other members, and ask your leader(s) to get involved.
  6. Organize group prayer/meditation events, or join those held by others.
  7. Ask local papers, magazines, and news organizations to cover the story.
  8. E-mail us your name or the name of your business and pledge your support/participation: We would be happy to add your name or the name of your business to our honor roll.
  9. Download our app to record your prayer/meditation times.
  10. Send your loving, calming, harmonious thoughts to the entire city.  Watch this site for upcoming events and try to show up for our group prayer/meditation events this summer.  Let’s make history together and set a better tone for the New Age, shall we?


Our chemical detox research requires expensive testing, and donations are welcome to our tax-deductible nonprofit corporation.  Our ability to do more detox experiments depends on the amount of funding we receive.  With enough funding, we may be able to involve more volunteers in chemical detox projects.

Please keep checking this site as updates and improvements will continue to be made.

Thanks for your help!