JULY 27, 2017

When the fast was still going on, I visited the Vietnamese temple in Renton a couple of times, and Master Thay Dang Ding is interested in supporting the peace project.  On the 30th and final day of my fast, I visited the Powwow at Daybreak Star in Seattle (see my excellent video on the Holistic Health Research YouTube channel – the link is at the bottom left of the web page).  Mara showed up for the Meetup, and we meditated for peace in the city at 2:00, as promised.

The fast ended on the 16th, and I was only 149.5 pounds prior to eating again.  The week of the 19th was devoted my son’s birthday celebrations, so I did little for the project at that time.

On Sunday the 23rd, I was a guest at Amazing Grace in Ballard.  It was a great service, and I spoke to people and signed folks up for the project for two hours afterward.  I should have taken a picture, but didn’t think of it till it was too late.

Now I am trying to do all I can do to make the Seattle Peace Project grow by leaps and bounds.  Crime numbers for June are now released, and show no reduction so far.  I am working on a number of angles, including getting the web site translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, and Punjabi.  T-shirts are now available for a low price from a local custom T-shirt shop, as long as I gather orders in groups of 12 or more (see the order button on the SPP page for details).

Ultimately, the success of the project depends on things beyond my control: the willingness of the good people of Seattle to pray on their own behalf, and the help of higher powers to make this all a success.  As far as my own ability to coordinate and act as catalyst for this project, I am imagining myself as a warrior for good, armed with the sword of wisdom like the bodhisattva Manjushri.  With heavenly guidance, I can hopefully pull the sword from the stone, a rabbit from my hat, an ace from my sleeve, and make this thing go viral.  And guess what?  YOU CAN HELP!