JULY 27, 2017

When the fast was still going on, I visited the Vietnamese temple in Renton a couple of times, and Master Thay Dang Ding is interested in supporting the peace project.  On the 30th and final day of my fast, I visited the Powwow at Daybreak Star in Seattle (see my most excellent video on the Holistic Health Research YouTube channel – the link is at the bottom left of the web page).  Mara showed up for the Meetup, and we meditated for peace in the city at 2:00, as promised.

The fast ended on the 16th, and I was only 149.5 pounds prior to eating again.  The week of the 19th was devoted my son’s birthday celebrations, so I did little for the project at that time.

On Sunday the 23rd, I was a guest at Amazing Grace in Ballard.  It was a great service.  The topic of being a hero was under discussion, with the example of the pilot with the film made about him “Sully.”  We saw how people who are heroes go through periods of self-doubt and need to defend their actions over and over.  It was very moving, as were the talks by Eric and Colette.  The high point for me was the song “A hero lies within.”  I am feeling now like I need to find some strength to carry on.  I spoke to people and signed folks up for the project for two hours afterward.  I should have taken a picture while I was there, but didn’t think of it till it was too late.

Now I am trying to do all I can do to make the Seattle Peace Project grow by leaps and bounds.  Crime numbers for June are now released, and show no reduction so far.  I am working on a number of angles, including getting the web site translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, and Punjabi.  T-shirts are now available for a low price from a local custom T-shirt shop, as long as I gather orders in groups of 12 or more (see the order button on the SPP page for details).

Ultimately, the success of the project depends on things beyond my control: the willingness of the good people of Seattle to pray on their own behalf, and the help of higher powers to make this all a success.  As far as my own ability to coordinate and act as catalyst for this project, I am imagining myself as a warrior for good, armed with the sword of wisdom like the bodhisattva Manjushri.  With heavenly guidance, I can hopefully pull the sword from the stone, a rabbit from my hat, an ace from my sleeve, and make this thing go viral.  And guess what?  YOU CAN HELP!  Have you ever carried a very long, heavy carpet as part of a team with many other people?  If one or two people stop working to support the weight for a few seconds, the others continue to hold the carpet up as if by magic.  But if too many people assume that someone else will do the heavy lifting and just stop making any exertion, the weight of the carpet is suddenly unbearable.  If you believe in the power of focused, intentional concentration and want to help prove it, then please help pull your weight in this effort!